Some reviews and comments on Nocturnal Birds ....

David Johnson, well known author and ornithologist, had the following to say: "John Carlyon has a passion for owls and other birds of the night. For many years he has tracked them down, photographing and researching, and this book is a glorious culmination. John has taken the courageous route of private publication. His personal style of writing and presentation, systematic yet engaging, shines through, unhindered by the restrictions so often imposed by commercial publishers. The text is comprehensive, and includes current published research as well as John's personal experiences. About half of the book is taken up by beautiful photographs illustrating every facet of the birds' lives. The chapter on the Spotted Eagle-Owl, for example, has a series of 22 photographs, each unique. The nightjars receive particular attention, with paintings by Penny Meakin supplementing the comparative detail not always apparent in photographs. The quality of production is superb. High gloss paper shows the photographs to best advantage. The hard-back binding is strong yet flexible, enabling the book to be handled and read easily."

An interview with Stephen Coan appeared in the Witness on 31st January 2012. The text of the full-page article can be read here.


Marsh Owl hunting in the mist

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