Owl nest boxes

If you have heard Barn Owls or Spotted Eagle-Owls on your property at night, and if there is suitable habitat nearby, you may be able to attract them to nest in a suitably constructed nest box. Place an owl nest box at least 4 metres high in a tree or on the side of a building in a secluded area, but be sure the opening is shaded from the sun and wind. Nesting platforms for Barn Owls can also be placed in barns, sheds or silos if the owls are able to access them easily.

About Barn Owl Nest Boxes
If the boxes are in the right habitat with sufficient prey available, barn owls can be encouraged to nest in a range of box styles. The entrance hole should be about 13cm wide and about 15-20 cm high. The hole should be approximately 10-15 cm above the floor of the box. Drainage and ventilation holes are an essential part of the construction of owl boxes. Some box designs include a narrow slat along one edge so that excess debris does not accumulate.

The interior dimensions of Barn Owl nest boxes can vary greatly. One brood of Barn Owls may have more than ten nestlings, and as the owlets grow a smaller box can become crowded very quickly. In general, an owl box should have a floor no smaller than 40 cm by 60 cm, though larger boxes are common and just as likely to be attractive to nesting owls.

See the following link for a practical and relatively simple method of owl nest box construction:   Nest box construction for Barn Owls or Spotted Eagle Owls.  (With acknowledgement to Mark Anderson, Maggie Newman, the Endangered Wildlife Trust , Warwick Tarboton and Rudy Erasmus.)

Barn Owl nestlings in box

Spotted Eagle-Owl box