Nocturnal Birds of Southern Africa

The contents pages of the book are shown below. Opening with a preface which delves briefly into the origins of the book and discusses aspects of its scientific approach, an introductory chapter follows in which nocturnal birds of the southern African subregion are discussed in general terms. The species accounts deal firstly with owls, followed by the nightjars, Bat Hawk, night herons and bitterns, thick-knees, coursers and finally partially nocturnal birds.

Clear, easily readable text and photographs cover all important aspects, including identification, of typical adults, nests, eggs or nestlings, juveniles and the habitat of the species.

Large, clear distribution maps show the global distribution of each species, and basic species facts and information can be gleaned at a glance from succinct information at the end of each chapter.

A new approach to the field identification of nightjars together with a unique set of images sheds fresh light on this difficult family of nocturnal birds. Photographic coverage of nightjar species extends to most of the described races. Nightjar comparison plates are a unique aid to in-the-field and in-hand identification.